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Carrot & Beet Harvest PLUS Tips for "Once a Month Cooking"

The link to the "Once a Month Cooking" recipe book can be found below.

I feel like even though I'm making meals for Jenny as she goes back to teaching, I think I could use some of these myself. There are plenty of times that I don't want to cook dinner - BUT I also don't want to eat out or order in.

Eating out is tricky because we will only eat at outdoor restaurants, and there are only a few of those around us here.

And I find ordering in quite unsatisfactory, because when the food arrives it is generally, as I describe it, "gloppy." Not fresh, and gooey, and ugh.

You can see I am hard to please. That's why having some meals in the wings sounds like a really good idea to me. And by the way -- I really like the pea soup!!


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