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Winter Harvest!

Here's what I learned from this year's winter harvest:

1) You MUST MUST MUST thin plants even if it hurts to do it. Otherwise, you jeopardize your harvest and get lots of inedible tiny plants instead of edible large ones.

2) You must water consistently, even though it's winter and you've sort of put the garden on the back burner for the holidays and beyond.

3) You should write down the time to harvest - and check it as the crop nears fruition - I did NOT do this for my radishes -- and some of them stayed in the ground way too long, and the little creatures got them.

4) Don't wash your veg in the veg sink because your husband will complain that the last time you did this he had to unclog the sink because of all the dirt trapped in the pipes.

Have a great weekend...fingers crossed for baseball to start soon!

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