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Wall Yoga with Chrissy!

Chrissy's email:

I thought twice about this before I posted it. Should I, as a 68 year old woman, be posting myself doing my private exercises?

And then I thought...why not? What would keep me from posting this? Embarrassment? Lack of confidence? Desire for privacy?

Well. I decided that I am too old to be bothered by any of those things...and if watching a little bit of yoga can help someone...then I am happy to do it.

First, what is there to be embarrassed about? This body has been good to me, allowed me to experience great joy in this life. If it's a little out of shape, a little old, so what? There's lots of people out there like me, navigating this space, and this age, and yoga might just help with that.

Second, I have always been a rather confident person, why should aging change that? I should not feel required to be invisible because I am not a Cover Girl model.

And last, I'm also not a very private person...for example...this blog! Some of my readers have written to ask how I am able to share so much of my everyday life. Honestly, I enjoy connecting with others, chatting with others, finding commonalities. And I have done that through this blog/vlog. Since the inception of my blog/vlog, I have made many new friends, and even those that I haven't met, I consider my friends, and I know if I would meet them, we would get on famously! Friends are like fine china -- you can't have too many!!!

All to say...this yoga is for you! The video is longer than my normal videos because Chrissy crafted a session just for my blog - but wanted to provide a full experience in a brief period of time.

Chrissy is just fabulous, she always checks in on my current body aches, and tailors sessions to address my personal issues. Plus she's very creative...I've never had the same session twice!

At any rate...if you don't already have a yoga practice, think about it. However you may access a yoga will make a difference!

You can email me ( about Chrissy's info - or you can email her directly:


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