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Touring UC Berkeley Botanic Garden!

So many fun things to see at the UC Garden! And we were so lucky that it was open. Of course it was open air, so it felt safe, but tickets are timed, and many other outdoor venues have been closed. It was closed the last time we visited. And we wanted a place to stroll with Baby Abby.

When we were strolling around the garden, I heard a mom (with three little kidlets) say, "This is the third garden that we have visited this week! Who knew there were so many gardens near San Francisco!" It's clear that gardens have been a sanctuary in so many ways during this pandemic.

Of course, the real reason that we visited the garden was because we wanted to spend time with Baby Abby, and enjoy strolling with her during our Thanksgiving visit. She had other ideas, though. She's still little, so she likes to be held, and strolling was just not on her agenda that day. That's ok. We enjoyed being outside in the beautiful weather with our beautiful daughter, her husband, and new grand baby.

Speaking of Abby, she is cooing up a storm, smiling and laughing like crazy. She's so precious that I feel like crying every time she looks at me, or smiles, or coos. But we're home now and Abby is in Berkeley, so we have to wait until Christmas to see her again. That's not so far away, so I'm not going to complain.

Tomorrow I will tend to my garden that hasn't seen its mom for a week! I'll report and let you know how things are fairing! Plus I'm in the Christmas mood and have to start preparing for the season! Today one of our neighbors asked why we didn't have our Christmas lights up already! So much to do!!! And so much to be grateful for.


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