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Top of the Mornin' to You!

The day has finally arrived!

When my girls were little, we would start the day with green milk in their cereal, which really tickled them! Then when my 2 younger daughters were Irish dancing we would spend the day doing performances across Los Angeles: the Irish American Los Angeles Bar Association at the Music Center, the Knights of Columbus, and lots of parish halls and festivals. They danced almost anywhere people wanted Irish Dancers. Even in pubs! One year the girls danced on tables at the Beverly Hilton for the Los Angeles Irish Society. It was all too fun.

And at school, they would often make leprachaun traps, and of course they had to wear green! They were eagle eyed about classmates who didn't wear green - because that meant a pinch!

Then in the evening, we would always have corned beef and cabbage, and regale each other with stories of the day. The corned beef was always a hit, the cabbage not so much.

This is the first year without our dear Irish Dance teacher, Bella Yerina, and it doesn't feel quite the same. We still miss her, and the Irish twinkle in her eye.

But we are ever grateful for her, and the Irish joy that she brought to all our lives. We will toast to her tonight as we celebrate St. Patrick's Day again!

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Mary Sherhart
Mary Sherhart
17. März 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you and your family, Jill. Your table looks lovely and your shoes are adorable!

Gefällt mir
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