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Top 12 Videos of 2023!

Let's do a New Year's countdown!

#12 -- Cutest video of the year! Gracie learning to walk!

#11 -- I posted this just a week ago! The White House Christmas Card!

#10 -- Butter Molds and Butter Pats! Who knew people were interested!

#9 -- Annular Eclipse - Robert is an amateur astronomer - so this was a special treat for us!

#8 -- Our First Aurora - what a fabulous trip to Alaska to see the Northern


#7 -- Amazing Belleek Find! I still can't believe this beautiful china is mine!

#6 -- Dinosaurs in the Valley! What a trip -- life size dinosaurs in our backyard!

Top 5!!!

#5 -- Paradise Cove - A trip to the beach and a secluded spot in Malibu for Jenny's birthday with the grands!

#4 -- Sunset in Mineral King - Such beautiful views from our Mountain Retreat

#3 -- Mineral King Road Washout April 2023. Historic rains, and unprecedented deterioration of the road to our cabin -- the evidence is all here!

#2 -- Sequoia Mountain Vacay! Our favorite place in the world. Our little cabin in the mountains.

#1 -- The Return of Tulare Lake 2023...better than any news article -- Mary and Jim are experts about the region and the lake...this will be in the Smithsonian one day!!!

Happy New Year!


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