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Tomato Mania!

It's spring ...and time to plant tomatoes! I bought 9 or 10 (I need to count them tomorrow!) tomatoes, and I am still thinking about where to plant them all. If I plant them all in the raised bed garden I won't have room for any other veg! I'll figure it out - but I am anxious to get them in the ground.

I bought two repeats from last year based on my taste test with my oldest daughter, Jenny, at end of season in 2021. You can view those videos here:

Here's the two repeat purchases! 1) Madame Marmand and 2) Sun Gold

Madame Marmand is a determinate tomato - meaning that it will grow to a fixed mature size and then will ripen pretty much all at once. It is a larger tomato with a French flair, a little beefy, but lovely, sweet, juicy and tomato-ey. If you can find this at your nursery I recommend it, but I have never seen it at my nursery; however, it appears to be a favorite at tomato mania!

Sun Gold has been one of my favorite tomato for two years running. It is a sweet, yellow cherry tomato, indeterminate, that fruits over a long period, and can go crazy in your garden. The thing I love most about it is that you can just pick it off the vine at any time for a snack. And it truly tastes like a snack - sweet, lucious, and you can just pop it in your mouth. Plus it has the advantage of being yellow, so it distinguishes itself from the other cherry tomatoes and brightens up your salad. Highly recommend --plus, I just saw this tomato at my nursery last weekend - so I know it's popular enough that you should be able to find it somewhere!

Looking forward to growing with you!


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