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Tomato Taste Testing with Baby Coraline!

Baby Coraline was able to join us for taste testing on Day 2! She got a little upset half way through, so daddy had to take care of her. Nonetheless, we were able to finish off all thirteen of our tomatoes.

Jenny and I mostly agreed, but it was fun when we didn't! I do agree with Jenny when she says it's a matter of preference. I like sweet tomatoes, and Jenny like more "tomato-ey" tomatoes. And that's just fine. If we were to have asked Biff, her husband, about which tomato he liked best - I think he would have said the "Black" tomato. And that was my least favorite of all -- so that proves the point! It's all about personal preference!

And that's what makes the world such a wonderful place. We're all different!

AND wasn't Coraline just the sweetest! We think she is going to have green eyes!!!!!!

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