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Tiffany Blue Bridal Problems!

My friend Nancy told me that there's no point in having a theme for a shower, because it's just a lot of trouble, and lots more money. AND even though I'm pretty sure that she is right, I just can't help myself!

The Breakfast at Tiffany's theme for Julia's shower allows for lots of fun party decor and creative table setting. Two of my favorite things.

So, even though creating the perfect setting, and theme decorations is driving me crazy, it's also lots of fun. I've been dreaming of this shower for a long time, and putting the pieces together is a labor of love.

Let's face it. I'll only be doing this one time. And this is my last daughter to marry, my baby girl. So, this will be my last bridal shower. How could I not try for the perfect Tiffany Blue table setting?


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