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Summer and Fall Reading List!

So many books! So little time! I've continued my reading binge this summer and have devoured almost a half dozen more books. It keeps me up late, though, because I want to find out what happens. I really don't have the proper self control in that regard...eek!

Here's the notes for the books I've listed. They are all from readers of my vlog, and are highly recommended, because I asked for only one book - so readers really had to think about which book they wanted to submit! I'm excited to get started.


There were several authors that were mentioned more than once. Amor Towles had two books on the list: A Gentleman in Moscow, and The Lincoln Highway. The first was considered a "mega" best seller and is about a man who is ordered to spend the rest of his life confined to a luxury hotel. Sounds interesting!

The other author that was mentioned multiple times was Geraldine Brooks. Her first mention was a novel entitled Horse. In fact, not only was she recommended multiple times, this particular book was suggested by three different people - so it must be a winner! The other Geraldine Brooks novel mentioned was The People of the Book. And on a personal note, I just finished the Geraldine Brooks novel entitled Caleb's Crossing, and I quite liked it. (Definitely has a feminist bent!) Lastly, though no one mentioned it, it is worth noting that Brooks won the Pulitzer Prize with her novel March. So she's definitely an author to cherish.

Among our readers, we have a published author, so that's definitely worth a mention as well. Caroline McCullagh is the author of two books, The Quest for the Ivory Caribou, and Twenty-Six Eskimo Words. Both sound oh so interesting and compelling!

And for those of you interested in investing time with characters who will continue their journey over the course of many books (think Louise Penny) one recommendation was for the Bruno, Chief of Police series by Martin Walker. It feels to me a little like my favorite BBC TV Show, Midsomer Murders.

Of course, there's non-fiction too. Rock Me on the Water: 1974 (the year I graduated from high school!) looks so interesting because it's about an era that I know intimately. And I place that I lived in 1974. According to Brownstein, 1974 was the year that Los Angeles transformed movies, music, television, and politics. Who knew? And the title is a line from...can you guess??? Yep. Jackson Browne, my college roommates favorite guy. And Madeline Albright, a woman we may all aspire to emulate, has a book on the list too, Hell and Other Destinations. I have her book about her brooches, and I cherish it. And of course, Stanley Tucci, who I can never forget from The Devil Wears Prada, has reincarnated himself as a "food obsessive" who has written several books about the importance of food to family, and life. Sounds delicious!

Have a great weekend -- read on!

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Mary Sherhart
Mary Sherhart
Aug 19, 2022

Wonderful recommendations. Thank you, Jill and her fans.

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