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Storing 1200 Ornaments OR Undecorating the Tree!

It's a big job. But I don't mind it. So many happy memories to relive as I undecorate.

We store all the ornaments in our garage on storage shelves. They're too precious to store in a storage facility.

It took me most of one day and a little of the next, but I enjoyed myself. After football, I watched "Sense and Sensibility" which I absolutely love and was one of my daughters' favorites.

And then, Robert and I watched Part III of the new Beatles Documentary. If you haven't watched that -- you must. It is so fascinating.

Here's a funny story. In 1967, when I was 11 years old, my parents told me that for my birthday they would take me to a rock concert! And they gave me a choice. I could attend a "Beatles" concert, OR a "Monkees" concert.

You'll never guess what I chose. The Monkees, of course. I wore my very best spring green polka dot pleated skirt set, with patent leather Mary Janes. And, my parents were by my side every minute of the event. My father even made me hold his hand because of the crowd! But I didn't mind a bit. I was happy to be there with them, screaming about Mickey Dolenz. And, you know, I was never really embarrassed of my parents, because I thought they were pretty great.

Honestly, I never regretted that decision, until I became an adult and realized what I had missed! I missed the most iconic, the most impactful, the most extraordinary musical group of my generation. And instead, I chose a made for TV band, with questionable talent.

It makes for a good story! But I think seeing the Beatles might have been an even better one.



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