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Shade for the Veg Garden & Planting Magic Beans!

I don't know. When the news is as bad, and as frightening as is it tonight, it feels inappropriate to be talking about something like my garden adventures.

So let me begin by saying that I am very invested in the political stability of our nation, the health of fellow human beings, and the outcome of the difficult news tonight about the President and First Lady testing positive for the Coronavirus.

However, having said that, there is something calming about knowing that my garden will be there tomorrow morning exactly as it was today. And I will be able to focus on the little growing things, and maybe plant some more seeds, or cut a few flowers for a kitchen bouquet. These are things that help me to find my equilibrium, and distance myself from the turmoil that roils the nation.

When it's time, I pay attention to the political landscape. When it's time I commit to making a difference in the election, and I take my duties as a managing editor of my husband's resistance newsletter very seriously.

BUT during the quarantine, and during tonight's alarming news, thinking about, and planning for my garden keeps me sane. I hope that diverting your attention a few moments to enjoy a gardening blog can help you in the same way.


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