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Retrospective: Scenes from the Holiday

I'll tell you the truth. Part of the reason that I do this blog so consistently, is that I want to create a record for my daughters and granddaughters of their life and times during an extraordinary period in history. And while my records reflect mostly the personal and not the public scale of events, I think it will be important for them to look back and see what we did, what was happening, and how the Bickett Hubbells were behaving when these unusual events overtook us.

My husband's newsletter takes the temperature of the nation and its citizens as they negotiate the political, both the short and long term consequences, of our decisions during this time.

I, however, take the temperature of our family, every day, a million times a day. I am working for them, hoping to make their lives more joyful, more productive, and easier, in this chaotic time. I spent my professional life negotiating between public and private spaces, always hoping that I the struck the right balance, so that each could thrive. But now, I am truly home. Home for my family all day, every day.

I strive to make our home a safe space, where holidays are celebrated, where the garden grows in beauty, and where there is always enough love and joy to help us through whatever may come.


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