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Retirement Cupcake Celebration!

To be honest, retirement feels a little odd. There's great joy in the beginning of a new chapter. And I am proud of both Robert and my professional careers, the work we did, and the people we impacted for the good. For both of us, it felt like it was time to step away. Time for someone else to take over the reins, to continue the work that we had done, and continue to build good for the world.

But that's the part that feels odd. I don't think that either of us feels like we are done continuing to "build good for the world." There's so much more to do. Not just in our own little circle, with our family, and new grandchildren. But in this time, in this place, when people are anxious, and scared, and unhappy at the state of affairs -- it feels like there is place for us to do good. Maybe if we reach out and journey with others to navigate through these fraught times, we can build a community of resilience, and hope, and connection.

So that's what we will do. We will continue to "build good for the world" with you by our side.

That just feels right.

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