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Persistence in the Garden

I just had to make a video of the garden border that leads to my front door. The walkway to my house is a meandering brick pathway flanked by a garden border that I plant each season with colors appropriate for the time of the year. During this summer, it's been a challenge, though. I've planted, replanted, ordered delivery from Armstrong Nursery, begged my daughter to go to Home Depot for a flower infusion, watered every day, watered every other day, sprayed with organic insecticide, used snail bait, talked to the little green things, transplanted name it - I've tried it! With the brutal heat, the complexities of the pandemic, and my insistence that I HAD to have a bright color border to boost the spirits of my neighbors AND me, it's been a journey. But I persisted. I was in 100%, and going to make this work no matter the obstacles. Today, I feel like, even for just this one day, it's a success - a beautiful, color splash that says, welcome to our home, our spirits persist despite the state of world. Take a moment to gaze, and let us lift your spirits too. The garden is the perfect place to do that.

Head to the video log to hear me narrate my garden border. A visual delight!

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