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You may know that my daughter Jackie, her husband, Matt, and my little granddaughter Abby are currently living with us in our guest house, until they can move into their new home. ( I promised that I would help them with their garden!)

Well, tonight I want to give a shout out to my fabulous son-in-law Matt. He was so helpful with this video. And that matters for two reasons.

First, it's so great to have a computer expert at the ready -- and Matt really is an expert! He helped me acquire the Post videos to show you -- AND he helped me layer the music into the video which fits so perfectly! (Thank you again Anne Chamberlain for your beautiful gift!) Robert, my husband is a computer expert as well, but he's always writing the newsletter later in the evening, and as the Managing Editor I don't allow anyone to interrupt his writing -- even me!

But second, and this is the most important reason. I feel so lucky that Jackie married such great guy. He helped me so willingly, and with such kindness, and didn't make me feel like an old lady (which I mostly am!) And he's always like that. Kind and considerate with all the right priorities.

Thanks Matt! For your help! And for choosing my Jackie!


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