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New Year's Eve Celebration 2021!

It's 2022! Let's start fresh.

First, you'll see that my vlog/blog has a new look. That's thanks to my daughter, Julia. We've be trying out new ideas for a few days, and we thought the first blog post of the new year, should be the big reveal for my new look!

My new life as a grandma has precluded me from spending the extended time in the garden that I used to, so I felt I needed to change the title - because I'm still a busy bee - just not as much in the flower beds as I used to be!

So that's why it's titled "Everyday with Jill" because I upload a post every week day when we all need a lift, a breath, a smile. It's still crazy times, and a little respite is good for the soul. So let's get together each day and share a little sunshine. It will do us both good!

But don't worry, I'm still a gardener, and will be outside lots and lots - I'm excited to start thinking about spring! I've even seen some of my irises starting to peek through! And my winer garden is an unheralded success! I have to show you this week. Plus I've got to get my tomato seedlings going...a first for me!

My New Year's Eve video was fun to make because we had such a fun time. Our guests were very careful before our gathering, and Covid tested the day of so that we knew we were all safe. I picked up the groceries and didn't enter the store, so I made sure to reduce my exposure as well. We do know friends who are triple vaccinated that have gotten the virus (but it's been mild) , so we are just holding on and hoping for the best.

And so, even though it was a small gathering, it felt healing to be with friends, to really celebrate, to dress up in sparkles, to anticipate, and to laugh. I drank my Fose' Rose' and we celebrated at 9:00 p.m. with the Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve! Such party animals!

More of that in the New Year, please.

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