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My Rosary Collection

This is definitely a diversion from the garden, but sometimes a little diversion is good for the soul. It was a busy day, and while the garden is thriving, the grand babies were on the agenda today!

If you hadn't guessed, I love sparkle. And so, most of my rosaries are very sparkly. The one from Notre Dame is the most stunning. And it has such a story behind it. As I told you in the video, my husband bought it for me when we were in Paris, at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. That following April, Notre Dame Cathedral was the victim of a fire that almost burned it to the ground. Reconstruction is still underway.

At any rate, Robert bought me this rosary in the Cathedral Git Shop to commemorate our visit. The rosary came in a beautiful velvet lined box, much like a box which might hold a precious piece of jewelry.

So after our visit, we met up with our traveling companions who did not join us on our tour of Notre Dame. As we sat around the dinner table, we each recounted our day's adventures, and, as usual, we shared our souvenir finds of the day.

When it came to my turn, I brought out my beautiful velvet lined box. The oohs and aahs around the table were followed by guesses as to the contents of the velvet box. Diamond earrings? Pearl bracelet?

There was absolute silence once I opened the box! No one expected a rosary!!!!! I still laugh.

But I love it more than any diamond earrings or pearl bracelet that Robert could have ever bought me. My favorite thing from Paris.


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