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My Julia at the U.S. National Arboretum

Julia is my youngest daughter, and just the dearest one. She was born when her eldest sister was 9 years old, and her middle sister was 6. So really, she had more than one mom. We were all excited about having a new baby in the house after many years, and so she is special to all us, and continues to be.

Of course, she is now a married woman, no longer our baby. She works in Washington D.C.and lives with her husband, Dan. They lead very full lives, with their cat Larry, and love the outdoors.

Julia (and Dan!) are actually gardeners, just like me.This year they planted a successful vegetable patch in a nearby community garden. I think they both have a green thumb!

I can remember when Julia was a little one, she used to tag along after me in the garden, digging, and watering, and being the best gardener's helper. We enjoy visiting gardens together, and I am sorry that I wasn't there to tour the Arboretum with her!

One of my favorite gardens in Washington D.C is Marjorie Merriweather's home, now a museum, called Hillwood. If you ever visit D.C. - I know there is so much to see, but this is a must stop for me. Plus Hillwood has such a beautiful collection of vintage china! Swoon.

Anyways, thanks Julia for the great tour. And for being my assistant gardener and flower identifier for all of these years.


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