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Mardi Gras Redux

I must first thank my readers who wrote regarding my post from yesterday about my Ukranian grandmother, Mary Kom Palank. She was my mother's mother, and a very dear one indeed. Plus, though I never knew my great grandmother, Anastasia Svoboda, I understood, even as a child, that my grandmother was ever devoted to her - and felt a lifetime of deep gratitude for the gift of being "saved."

I was touched by your remarks, and your stories, many of which were similar to mine about immigrants who were proud to call America their home, and worked hard to make it so.

We have so much to be grateful for. And that is why we must keep up he fight for justice and democracy each day. We must never take it for granted. Thank you for being in the trenches with us.

Another reader sent me a beautiful musical tribute to Ukraine, by playing their national anthem. You might like to listen to it. I think it will lift your spirits. Thanks, Anne Chamberlain.


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