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Loom Knitting with Julia in DC!

This was so fun. Being with my Julia and learning how to loom knit! I wasn't immediately good at it -- but that's ok. I am going to persevere. And Julia is so fun to tease. But she's a really good loom knitter -- and she showed me not only the woolen caps that she made, but also, she made a beautiful scarf! And that seems hard to do on a ROUND loom!

Julia is a born instructor, and she could make a professional loom knitting video (which this is not because...well, because of me, essentially). But in any case, this will just be part 1 of our loom knitting adventure because I am not interested in super long videos - which this would have been had we completed the entire task.

At any rate, the weather in Los Angeles has been spectacular, and I was able to get into the garden today - I'll show you next week what I've been up to! More planting! And the Tower Garden! And my Winter Sowing! And my Spring Bulbs!

So much to loo forward to!


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