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How to Watch a Spring Training Game!

What a fun day! We suited up (Angels gear, of course) and I made a baseball party on the backyard patio so we could watch the game outside, and pretend like we were in the stands at the Spring Training game!

It just feels like the world is right again when it's baseball season. I have to take to my bed for a day at the end of the season, but I guess if there was no end, there would be no beginning. And the beginning of baseball season is magical.

There were lots of new players, and only a few of the veterans at opening day of spring training, but there's a green field, running and batting, and the hopes of many of the young players on the line, as they hope to make the opening day roster.

Robert is so good to put up with me. He's just not as interested in sports as I am. But he indulges me, and watches the games (mostly), and makes sure that we have the proper viewing set up so that we can watch whenever and however we want. To be fair, he probably understands most sports better than I do, because he played them all, but I'm the fan in the house, so I'm the one shouting at the TV!

It was a glorious day!! Go Angels!


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