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How to Decorate for a 1st Birthday!

One of the gifts that I have given all my daughters is the art of party planning. All 3 of my daughters are wonderful hostesses, love to entertain, and can throw a fabulous party. For any reason at all.

And that's been my mantra all my life. Anything can be celebrated. And celebrations are an important part of life. I remember when I was an educational administrator, in an end of year evaluation, one of my bosses said that I had such a "celebratory spirit." I appreciated that. And I was glad that she noticed that my leadership style included faculty and student celebrations as and important part of the school culture. It just makes life (and school) more fun. And that can't be bad.

Celebrations mean affirming all the good things that life can offer. It means taking time out to honor important people in our lives, and important events - both personal and public. For example, we once had a Lunar Eclipse party! Of course birthdays should be celebrated - but the Oscars too, and Fridays too, and the Summer Solstice. There's reason to celebrate every day - it just depends on how much bandwidth one has!

So, today I'm bragging about my daughter Jackie who put on a smashing 1st birthday for our little Abby! She definitely has the "celebratory spirit" of her mom!


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