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Happy New Year 2023!

Here's the recipes from my fabulous New Year's Eve Dinner! Big Success!

No Knead Crusty Artisan Bread

Braised White Bean & Greens with Parmesan Chesse

Cauliflower Steaks

But something has been bothering me all day...

What is New Year's Day with the Rose Parade? Ergh.

I had a heck of time today without the traditional Rose Parade. You might not get this if you are not a West Coaster, but as a California girl, the Rose Parade is a tradition that I cherish, and that I look forward to every year. New Years Day in the morning without the Rose Parade? Unacceptable.

This is how it is supposed to go. Get up on New Years Day. (Sometimes sleep in!) Turn on the TV. Mosey to the kitchen to get a cup of tea, and a little breakfast. Head back to the couch in front of the TV. Curl up. Then start watching the parade. Critiquing every float, loving every high school and college band, wondering if there really are that many horse clubs in California, watching to see which floats won awards, and who the master of ceremonies will be, and of course, waiting for a float to break down. And all the roses!!!There's so much to see!

I have been to the Rose Parade a couple times in my life. I think the most memorable was when Robert and I were seniors in high school, and we drove to Colorado Boulevard, took our sleeping bags, & spent the night on the sidewalk so we could get a good spot for the parade the next morning. I can tell you, that even at 17, that was tough to do. It was cold, the sidewalk was was unforgiving, AND, people snuck in front of us while we were sleeping, so we did NOT have front row seats to the parade after all.

Nonetheless, it is such a fun memory, I am glad that we did it -- and we can now tell our granddaughters about it!

I also remember going to see the floats in the viewing areas after the parade on January 2nd in Pasadena. But I was 9 months pregnant with my second daughter Jackie, and by the time that we had walked 50 yards my fingers and feet were swollen up like balloons. I recall walking most of the way with my hands above my head!!! What were we thinking!

I'll be happy to watch the Rose Parade on January 2nd, but it just won't be the same. And besides, it's not the same anyways without Bob Eubanks, and Stephane Edwards. Ah well. They got the boot because they were too old. Talk about ageism.

Ok. Now I'm really sounding like an old lady so I'll stop. Suffice to say, I love the Rose Parade. It's corny in all the right ways, an over the top entertainment experience that Californians love.

But, I'm pretty sure they love it more New Year's Day.


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