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Gracie's Christmas Stocking!

This will be Gracie's first Christmas. So, of course, she needs a stocking! And Grandma Jill is at the ready to make that happen.

Gracie has been a gift to us all. She is a bright, happy, curious, darling baby girl - who walked when she was 8 months, and is talkng before her first birthday. She surprises us all the time, has fire engine red hair, and is constantly giggling at the antics of her older sister Coraline, now 2 1/2.

She wants to keep up with Coraline in the worst way, and that's probably why she has walked and talked so early, because she is NOT going to be left behind!

I can only imagine what's in store for this little fire cracker and her parents! Robert and I are just happy to be on the sidelines, to watch all the happiness that unfolds.

But the thing that I love the most, is that whenever she sees Grandma Jill, she smiles, and is happy to see me, happy to be near, happy for me to hold her, and to chat and play. I hope that is always true.

May this stocking be her reminder that Grandma Jill loved her very, very much.


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