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Gardens: Beginnings and Endings

Gardening keeps you in touch with the beginnings and endings of things in a very real way. And for me, this blog is a new beginning in my life in many ways too. As I begin this new adventure in my garden, I also end four decades in the education profession, where I was teacher, administrator, and professor. It’s time to focus on other passions, and I look forward to spending slow time in the earth, watching the beginnings of little green things growing, and sharing my joy with you. My youngest daughter, who has been instrumental in getting me up and running on my garden blog, is experiencing her own new beginning as she flies to the East Coast today to follow her bliss and take up a great job with the National Park System. But for me, that too is an ending, as I will miss her daily presence in my life; she is my buddy gardener, and my tech guru. She will continue to be part of the blog as the fauna expert, detailing all the lovely creatures that we find in our garden. And, tomorrow I will take down my gorgeous hollyhocks. They have brought me such joy – sassily dominating the garden scene with their height and their color splash. But their time is at an end. Lovelies in the gardens do that. They begin and they end. That’s the thing about gardens. They are always changing. Always in process. Like me. And I hope that you will be here to join me.


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