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Fermenting Hilarity!

Everything about this experiment was hilarious.

First, it took all day -- which was not my intention.

Second, the reason I started the project was because my daughter Jenny gave me a fermenting kit for Christmas -- but I was not able to use any of the kit! (You'll see why in the video!)

Third, I'm pretty sure that however the carrots turn out -- it might be unlikely that anyone will eat them! (Though I am going to give it whirl!)

It was a good day, though. A good project to keep me busy on a difficult day. I hope that you found a fun project to keep you busy as well.

The best part of the project, though, was that I remembered being in my Grandma's basement in South Dakota, and staring at the hundreds of glass jars that she had "put up" the summer before. I remember the letters she used to write me about the 62 quarts of tomatoes that she had canned that day.

Now I know exactly what that meant, and how much work that was. But seeing her in my mind's eye, in her blue gingham apron, bending over the kitchen counter, with the carnival glass display, and the adjacent farmhouse sink, that made me very happy indeed.

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Sabine Walter
Sabine Walter
Jan 06, 2023

🤣 This was so awesome! I ended up here because I'm one on your husband's newsletter recipients. He linked your Jan 6th video in his newsletter where you talked about planning to ferment carrots but had to digest the capital happenings first. I totally agree with you about the difference in processing - I'm "fermenting" my politics exposure in the kitchen while my husband makes sawdust in the garage. Anyway, I just had to watch the originally planned "carrot fermenting" video to see what you do. And you have the same purple carrots I plant every year!! I froze my last batch from 2022; and the year before I dehydrated them, but I will definitely ferment my next batch. I'…

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