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Father's Day Dining

Having a lovely garden makes dining in the backyard so much more delightful. This Father’s Day we celebrated with a cook out on the patio as we enjoyed the beauty of the garden, the sounds of the birds, and the company of the little lizards scurrying across the pavers. My favorite thing about entertaining al fresco is setting the table with flowers from the garden, and my special patio china. You can see in the picture, the china plate, gold handled utensils, yellow jacquard napkins, and a soft green tablecloth to celebrate the season. The china, called Aynsley Cottage Garden, reminds me of my Aunt Anna’s china in South Dakota, and the many fancy dinners she hosted in her lush green backyard, overlooking the farmland past her backyard border fence. Gardens can become part of our family, helping us to create lovely memories, providing a place for solace and a reason for joy. The perfect place to gather on a summer’s day.


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