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Cleaning out the Veg Garden!

Ok...well, maybe not the most scintillating post -- but these things have got to get done! And my veg garden was done for the summer. So, time to clean!

The cucumber vines were all dried and sticky, and there were quite a few cucumbers that had gotten HUGE! They were hiding and I didn't see them! Ah well. The tomato vines had really rooted themselves well, especially the one heirloom tomato. Yikes! All that pulling was NOT good for my back! I'm headed to the acupuncturist on Monday!

It always feels good to get a fresh start. When I was teaching, beginning the new school year with new pencils, new blazers, and new books was always a fun time for me. But now that I'm retired, I've exchanged new pencils and new blazers for a new garden!


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