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Carved! At Descanso Gardens!

Carved at Descanso Gardens is an outdoor Halloween event that is part scary, part art, and wholly fun!

We decided that we needed a mini-vacay this weekend, and so we invited a few good friends and made reservations at this evening event that we had never attended.

And it really lived up to the hype! During the year Descanso is a lovely garden, with winding paths, camellia forests, rose gardens, and beautiful water features. During the holidays, at night it is a fantastic light show, with darkened pathways, lighted pumpkins, tiki torches, and Dia de los Muertos altars. (Christmas is another story - hope we get to go to that as well!)

There were lots of people there, and lots of little ones enjoying it as well. But because it was outside, and we wore masks, we felt safe. The great thing about it was that it wasn't gruesome scary, it was just gently spooky, with lots of great art, terrific light and color, and creative ways to celebrate the holidays.

When Robert and I left we both agreed that the lighting made the event a success -- and so we came home and immediately changed all the bulbs in our Halloween display in our front yard!

Inspiration comes from unexpected places!

(If you're interested in going - be sure to get an online reservation - there is timed entry!)


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