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A Christmas Bookcase!

I have about 15 boxes of Christmas decorations (not including my ornament boxes) and I have each of them labeled for the different parts of the house where they belong. For example, I have a Bookcase Box, a Mantle Box, a Christmas Mug Box -- you get the idea. This makes it easier each year to decorate and undecorate.

You might find it hard to believe, but over the last few years, I have downsized my Christmas decor quite a bit. Mostly because we were running out of storage space! I have given away quite a few things, and this year -- I am missing them! For example, I gave away a candle holder of three sweet little nuns that held three candles. I gave away painted wooden nested Christmas boxes with a smiling Santa. I gave away a miniature aluminum Christmas tree music box, and a red berry wreath. What was I thinking?

This always happens to me. I am such a neat-nik that if I don't use things for a while, or if they are damaged, or if I don't have space, I just head to Good Will. And while I have saved lots of things from my girls' childhood, and from my mother, the minute that I give something away, I immediately need it, or wish that I hadn't been so rash. I still wish I hadn't given away my prom dress from 1974 -- what a fun thing that would have been to show my girls!

Ah well. I have enough Christmas decorations for 2 lifetimes and then some. And I am so happy to be able to share them with you!


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