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Ash Wednesday is a day when Christians reflect on their mortality, and their relationship to the spiritual. The ashes are placed on the recipients forehead in the shape of the cross, as the priest says "Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return." A sobering thought.

I have missed the traditional practices of my faith during the pandemic -- going to mass, receiving the sacraments, and being part of a community devoted to service and good.

Truth is, it's not just been difficult to "practice" our Catholic faith in recent years because of the pandemic. In fact, some of our beliefs, about justice, freedom, and basic human rights, have become anathema to some of the teachings of the Catholic Church. And some of the recent transgressions of the leaders of our faith are even more devastating to us, as we try to negotiate our belief in a God, and our adherence to organized religion that we feel has let us down in many ways.

Well, this is all too heavy for so late. But it's just one of the things we're thinking about these days as we attempt to re-enter our "normal" lives after the pandemic. I think we have a long way to go before "normal" ever returns.

I'll let you know how my letter writing goes! It will be good to keep in touch with all my Christmas buddies!


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