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Valentines in the Garden

You can probably tell by now...we're into holidays in a big way.

And that's because I'm all for celebrating..whenever possible. It lifts spirits, and puts a pause on real life in a healthy, fun way. Something to look forward to. Something to punctuate the everyday-ness of life. Red hearts on sweaters for Valentines, shamrocks on tablecloths and tea cups for St. Patrick's Day, fuzzy bunnies in the centerpiece for Easter, and bows on the ceiling for Christmas.

And there's lots more. Celebrations that commemorate almost anything. We've had Moon parties, Mardi Gras parties, Winter and Summer Solstice parties, World Series parties, and Super Bowl parties, Outlander parties, and Star parties. And that's not even counting the almost 100 birthday parties that I've thrown for each of my daughter's birthdays! Really! Together we have celebrated every single turn around the sun for each of my three daughters - that's almost 100 birthday parties! Each with a theme, decorations, games, and special treats!

This Sunday, for the Super Bowl, despite the quarantine, I still plan to have a party. Football napkins, team colors, superbowl fare, and of course, a sports lottery -- just between Robert and me!!!! I always tell my girls, as long as there's two of you, it's a party. So, this Sunday, it's party for sure!

I have enjoyed every single celebration. All the planning, all the decorating, all of everything. So ...hearts on the garden border? Just the start of our Valentine Celebration!

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Mary Sherhart
Mary Sherhart
03 feb 2021

How adorable. Robert is so great to make these Valentine's Day yard decorations. I love how you celebrate everything, Jill. You lift up my spirits, too, even though we live in different corners of the States. I'm in Washington State.

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