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Valentine Fashion Show!!

My husband always buys me a Valentine present! When I was working, he would always send a dozen roses to my office -- and everyone would be so surprised that after all our years of marriage he would still spoil me like that. And it was particularly sweet this year that he took me out for a surprise drive to a buy me a Valentine fashion. I know I'm lucky but...

I spoil him it's a mutual admiration society! In fact, we bought him a jacket very similar to the one that he bought me - and we'll probably wear them at the same time! Too funny!

My mom and dad always celebrated Valentine's Day, and when I began working in the high school, the faculty, would celebrate too. Under the leadership of the Social Coordinator, Tom Cendjas, faculty would participate in a Val Pal game where we surprised a special faculty partner, picked randomly, with treats the week before Valentine's. That was always great fun too.

I think celebrating Valentine's Day is a good idea - no matter how you choose to do it. So plan something for Monday. Take yourself out to dinner. Or order fancy take out. Or head to the local yogurt shop after lunch. And make sure to do something nice for someone else. That will definitely brighten your day!

See you Monday Valentines!

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Feb 14, 2022

You make me smile!

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