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Unexpected Christmas!

Sometimes it's the surprises in life that being the joy.

I meant to zip in and out of the nursery and just get one tool. But...I ran head first into a spectacular Christmas display, so I decided to take a little time and enjoy. A mini-vacay!

I loved all the sparkle, and all the unique ornaments. And the Christmas Village! I love Christmas Villages, and I do have a very small one. But I can only do so much detail -- and I save most of my energy for the Christmas tree.

I told you that I have over 1000 ornaments -- maybe 1500? I try to count them each year and fail. But I individually box, and organize the ornaments each year -- that's my limit. I don't have a 1000 piece Christmas Village in me.

So I am just going to enjoy the ones that I unexpectedly come the one at Green Thumb Nursery!

Next week..Thanksgiving prep? Or maybe more Christmas????


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