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Undecorating the Tree!

Several readers have asked why I undecorate so soon after Christmas. It's an easy answer. I was a teacher all my life. Let me tell you why that makes sense.

I put a lot of energy and time into decorating the house. And I don't mind it one bit. I love the festive feel of our home, and I know that my family enjoys it too. And that makes me twice as happy.

I know that tradition dictates that decorations shouldn't come down until after the feast of the Three Kings on January 6 -- when Christians celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings who come to visit the Infant Jesus.

But January 6th??? As working mom for all of my career -- I was already back in school teaching by then, making three lunches each morning, five dinners each night, grading sets of papers and creating lesson plans nightly, plus loads of laundry in-between. Undecorating my ambitious Christmas displays and a 12 foot tree, simply wasn't going to happen when school started up after the holidays.

So, staring at all those decorations after December 25th just felt overwhelming. Overwhelming in the sense that -- when would I find time to do that? The few days after Christmas when I still had the days off to be with my girls, was the perfect time to start undecorating because 1) I had free time AND 2) my girls could help!

It's just a habit that works for me. Also, I can't stand seeing decorations up way after the holiday. Just not right. In fact, today, when my husband was taking down the outdoor decorations, neighbors who walked by -- thanked him! They said they hoped that we would be the neighborhood example so that others would not leave their decorations up until February!

All to say, I'm enjoying the undecorating, and all the free time I will have in the New Year now that I'm retired!! More time in the garden!


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