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It was a roller coaster day. But it ended badly. Hugely disappointed that we did not get vaccinated today as we had hoped. And so ironic that on the day the Joe Biden confidently proclaims that all Americans will soon be vaccinated, we are actually denied a vaccine.

It started out with such high spirits. We were giddy. And we made such plans as we drove to the vaccination site.

But as we arrived, we saw a very disconcerting sign which said that you had to live in Ventura County to receive the vaccine. Things took on a somber tone, as we realized that they might deny us our long awaited vaccine.

We got there super early so as not to miss the big event. So, we waited in the car for our appointment time because, we reasoned, surely, they wouldn't turn us away. After all, the government site directed us to this location, asked us for our address, which we indicated was Los Angeles, and then allowed us to make an appointment for which they gave us a QR code and reminded us the day before to show up!

When we were greeted by the security guard he asked us if we lived or worked in Ventura County. We said no, and he then told us that we would not be allowed to get a vaccine. He knew that we had a legitimate appointment, but informed us that there was a glitch in the website and we were not to harass the workers inside because it wasn't their fault.

We decided that if we were not going to get a vaccine, then we didn't want to expose our selves unnecessarily, so we turned around and drove home. In silence.


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