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Two Years Ago...A Recollection of the Covid Lockdown through the Writings in my Diary

Two years ago on March 14th, I wrote the word CV Day 1. It was how I marked the beginning of the Covid lockdown, and the start of my journaling about it.

March 14th was a Saturday. And as the Director of the Doctoral Program, I was worried about the dissertation defenses that were scheduled for that Monday. The advisor wanted to hold them in person, and I was not so sure -- but not senior enough to override her decision. It felt like a perilous, contentious time. I can see now how I, and others around me coped, and how what we didn't know about the impact of the virus in the early days of lockdown caused even greater anxiety.

Here's what I recorded in my diary for the first 10 days of lockdown.

March 14: CV Day 1

Got to Gelson's at 6:45. 30 people already in line. By 7:15 they closed the doors. No produce, no eggs, no juice. Cupboards were bare. We bought a few things. Then to Smart and Final for other staples. Same story. Nothing on shelves. Crazy times.

March 15: CV Day 2

Loyola Marymount University (where I worked) shut down the campus for a week. But I have 3 meetings tomorrow. Mayor Garcetti said no dining out, no bars, no gyms, no arcades. Very serious social distancing. Robert and I have walked 2.5 miles for the last 2 days, and we zoomed with the family.

March 16: CV Day 3

Jenny's fiancé's co-worker tested positive for COVID. So we could have been exposed. First day of online/ at home work. Two dissertation defenses and calls and zoom all day. Completely exhausting. Don't feel great.

March 17: CV Day 4

Authorities say we may need to self isolate through June! It seems surreal. Today was important work day meetings and our internet went down.

March 18: CV Day 5

It's officially scary because of COVID. Dire predictions about thousands to die - and hospitals overwhelmed. I don't want to even go to the store. Had a family zoom with family, Aunt Ann, & cousins too. Calming.

March 19: CV Day 6

It feels like this is going to last a long time. Today Mayor Garcetti ordered a lockdown of Los Angeles. We continue to take our 2 mile walk everyday.

March 20: CV Day 7

Robert continued our practice of taking our parish housekeepers to their jobs this A.M. I got mad because he could have exposed himself to the virus. Sarah's bris for her newborn was virtual. All feels scary. New York has so many ill people and so many dying.

March 21: CV Day 8

Gardened. Planted tomatoes. Went to Tapia Brothers for fresh vegetables because it is outside. No people.

March 22: CV Day 9

Sunday. Took cinnamon cake to Gert. Had social distance lunch with Jen and Biff. Drove to the nursery just to look at the plants from outside the gate and get out of the house. Headache all day.

March 23: CV Day 10

I don't like working at home. But I do like not commuting. President Trump said today that he may ask nation to go back to work in a week. Oh god.


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