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Two TV Show Recommendations!

Regular TV is hard to watch these days. The news...not so much. The Bachelor? Nope. 90 Day Fiance? Yuck. Plus regular TV makes you watch so many commercials. On cable you can usually avoid that.

But there are so many choices on Cable TV that it's hard to find exactly what to watch. Lots of people have recommended Ted Lasso to me, so I will start that soon. But for now -- these are my two favorites. Each night I feel like I'm spending time with friends -- and I know when the series ends I will be so sad.

Also, both of these shows are fun to watch. There's very little anxiety producing drama. (Speaking of which I could hardly watch Nathan Chen in the Olympic Skating competition! I was so nervous for him. I listened to the clapping and only looked up when he was finished!!) There's lots to laugh about, especially in Doc Martin, and lots to keep you guessing in Veronica Mars - plus Kristen Bell is so sassy!

Le me know your recommendations -- I need to prepare for my favorite shows to I will need to choose new favorite shows soon!


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