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Tower Garden Update!

Two days of 24/7 impeachment coverage, means that being in the garden is even more important these days. It's such a lovely distraction.

AND I can tell that some of my daffodils are going to bloom this week. I'm positive. AND I know that my Valentine is taking me to Armstrong nursery for a treat -- so I have lots of plans!

But here's the big big news!!!!! I got an appointment for a hair cut!!!! I'm going to do it in my backyard, and double mask. And I know that my stylist will wear a mask, so I'm sure it will be safe. Can't wait!

We are still struggling with trying to get the vaccine. Even though we are both born in 1956, which is the magic year for getting the vaccination, there are no sites that will let us sign up because we won't actually be 65 until April and June. It's so maddening. We have been told by our doctors, by our health care facility, and by LA County, that we are "on the list" and that we will be notified when our turn comes up.

I just hope that's soon.

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