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Tower Garden Emergency!

I clearly am a neophyte in Tower Gardening...but I'm trying hard and that counts. I was able to overcome the little hiccup that you saw in the video...but now, the plants don't seem very happy. So, I've emailed the Tower Whisperer, and hopefully I'll be able to rescue them as well.

The one thing that makes me crazy about this video is my hair. I definitely have Quarantine hair. And there's no hope on the horizon for any fix soon. I like to be blonde, but I'm definitely losing that battle. And my cowlick in the back couldn't be more prominent because my hair is just too long. The one good thing is that I don't have too much gray hair yet, even though I'm almost 65. So I'm just going to be happy about that and forget about the rest. This won't last forever. And in the meantime, I'm learning about how to style a mullet.

Let's talk about almost being 65. In normal times, one would never wish to be older than one is. BUT because I won't be 65 until June I CAN'T GET A VACCINE! And Robert is in the same boat as I am, because his birthday is in April. And it's the Wild West here in California. People are getting vaccines in crazy ways, and lots are waiting outside vaccine sites, hoping to snag a vaccine from a no-show appointment. It's a mess here.

So I'll end on that note. A Tower Garden in peril. Hair that disappoints. And the impossibility of a vaccine. But it was a good day nonetheless. It's raining here in California, and all my spring bulbs are peeking up through the ground! I couldn't be happier!

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