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Touring Coraline's Nursery!

It was great fun dreaming about Coraline before she arrived, and now that she is here, it is even more fun!

Helping our daughter and her husband to create and outfit the nursery was such a joyful task, thinking about the colors, the theme, the furniture. Really, our daughter and her husband did everything. They created the look, and planned the nursery - Robert and I just helped to operationalize it!

Now that it's together and she is here, it feels like a miracle all over again.

Cora is doing well, she is eating well, crying at appropriate times, keeping her parents up at night, and generally doing an A+ job of being a baby. She's already grown so much in a week, and we're sure she knows who we are now.

Robert and I babysat the other day while mom and dad got a little shut eye - and Cora was a dream. She slept like a little angel.

So many adventures yet to come. We're ready for them all. But not too soon. We know how fast little ones grow up!


Apr 23, 2021

Congratulations on the birth of Coraline! Enjoy, the time goes so fast. Sending love xoxo


Amie Kosberg
Amie Kosberg
Apr 20, 2021


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