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Tomato Planting Day!

It was too hot - but I persevered, and had a grand time. The spring garden is such a lovely place to be. So calming, and yet filled with anticipation.

Some of my readers were downhearted about planting tomatoes because of all the creatures that plague them. Fortunately, I have not had a pest problem, but I did have some yellowing leaves last year that I treated.

Today I sprayed all my roses with Captain Jack's Dead Bug... and I hope that takes care of the aphids, because those little buggies are already covering my gorgeous new buds!!! The nerve!

I transplanted my clematis yesterday as well, and am so hoping that it will persevere. I know they don't like to be moved, but I planted it so it could climb up this lovely obelisk that I've had the last couple of seasons. Last year I used it as a tomato cage! This year I'm hoping it will be filled with purple blooms. Gardens are ever changing, and that is part of their delight.

So...I'm going to spend more time in the garden this weekend, enjoying the sights and the sounds. I encourage you to find a garden and do the same!!!


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