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The Party's Over!

Undecorating the tree is mostly a solitary endeavor. Decorating the tree is not -- we always invite lots of people to help us hang the ornaments on the tree. But who wants to "unhang" all those the ornaments? Only me. And that's because I am very particular about all my treasures.

So, with a little help from my husband, and our good friend Eric, today was the last day of Christmas at our house. The tree is down. And in a very particular way too!

I have special boxes for different types of ornaments, and I want to make sure that all the ornaments are safe in their separate little cubbies. So that takes quite a bit of sorting, wrapping, and organizing.

But it's all done...and that makes me happy. On to other celebrations! Party into the New Year!

AND I finally got to watch the Rose Parade!!!!


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