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The Christmas Stocking that Changed My Life

It was a very special moment, and I often think back to that Christmas with great fondness. Robert's proposal that Christmas Eve, was simple, and beautiful. And while I wasn't surprised that he asked me to marry him, because I knew that we were on that path, I was surprised at how he proposed, on Christmas Eve, in such an elegant and moving way. I am sure that I cried, but I can't remember anything except pure joy.

The juxtaposition of the items he included in the stocking -- the things of every day life, the toothpaste and the toothbrush, with the brilliance of the diamond ring -- and his invitation to me to live all of those moments with him, seemed like poetry at the time -- and as I reread it today -- it still does.

A beautiful Christmas memory, and a stocking to remember - that literally changed my life.

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