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Suzanne DeCuir, Artist

Honestly, I hope I did justice to these extraordinary works. My husband took these photos of Suzanne's works because I could not attend her exhibition. I know that the works would be even more impressive in person. I tried to quiz Robert about each of the works, but it just isn't like having been there.

Life Jacket is such a personal piece for Suzanne. And that's what makes it so moving. When artists show themselves in their works, it draws the viewer in to life experiences that are at once familiar, and yet, not one's own.

The Length of Our Days is a very large work. filling the entire wall of the art studio. The detail involved in this piece, the sewing and embroidery, the use of the textiles to tell a story is so compelling. Suzanne speaks of fiber as being "a flexible way to create multi-layered pieces of art related to human connection, loss, and mystery." This is certainly true of this work.

Proud of my friend. For so many reasons.

Here's a link to her website that explains more about each of these works.


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