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Sunflower Mania!

I have really been enjoying my garden this spring. It's so full of possibilities. But when I think outside of the garden, I feel a little more hesitant.

How will I transition to being a person in the real world once I am fully vaccinated? I'm not sure how I feel about that. I have a date in my head for my first real excursion. And I know where I am going to go -- Gelson's market, of course. I have not been in a food market, or any market for that matter since March 14 of last year. A whole year!

Will I feel safe? Even if I wear a mask, will I feel safe? When we do small errands, like drop mail in the post box, or deliver something at Fed Ex, or wander outdoors in a nursery -- I notice that I always ask Robert afterwards, "Did that feel safe?" He always says yes, of course, because we would not attempt these things if we did not think they were safe...but I still worry. This is why I think that transitioning to a fully vaccinated self will be difficult.

I think the plan will be to take it slow, acclimate to our new status, stay away from crowded places, always wear a mask, and take a breath.

For now, I am taking lots of deep breaths in my beautiful backyard. And that feels totally safe.

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