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Spring Training and Tears!

I've loved baseball since I was a wee one. My dad used to take me to Chavez Ravine (Dodger Stadium) to watch games -- both Dodger AND Angel games quite often - and we always had a good time (even though way back then, the traffic at the stadium was still awful!) And I always got some kind of souvenir, or pennant. In fact, my bedroom walls were decorated with pennants from all of the teams that the Dodgers and Angels played over the seasons that we attended games. I wish I had those pennants now.

And when I was growing up -- I was a Dodger fan...but I think it's because my dad loved Gene Autry so much, that the Angels remind me more of may childhood days, and of course, I loved Jim Fregosi. So my allegiance these days is definitively with the Angels, and most of my Dodger fan friends just don't understand that. It's ok. Everyone is allowed their passion.

My son-in-law Matt, is also a very big baseball fan, and his team is the Mets. So I root for them as well.

Ahh...spring training! When everything is possible. Even the team who will end up in the cellar has a shot. How can you not love that! Spring training in Arizona is just the best. Robert and I have been twice and both times were glorious. One time I was able to take a picture with Arte Moreno, the owner of the Angels. And another time, I took a photo with Howie Kendricks, an Angel I really admired. I really fangirled!

And can you believe that Albert Pujols video? That is the ultimate fan gift. Robert is not as big of a sports fan as I am, but he knows how much baseball means to me. That's only one of the reasons I am so crazy about him.


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