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Spring Tour of the Getty Garden!

Beautiful weather, not too hot, perfect for a garden stroll. There was lots of plants in the Getty garden that I have in my own garden -- and that made me happy too!

But there's one thing that the Getty garden does, that mine does not. Absolutely every single inch of the garden has plantings. every where your eye looks, there's a different plant. That comes from lots of annual plants, AND just the right placement of perennials.

I'm working on the perennial aspect of my garden. It's so nice to see plants flower again year after year. Here's the perennials that I look forward to each year.

I treat my delphiniums as perennials, they come back every year. And poppies, of course, plus this year my suncredible sunflower came back. The penstemon, veronica, daffodils, African daisies, Gerbera daisies, dahlias, calla lily, iris, vermillionaire, coneflower, agapanthus, heliotrope, hydrangea, buddleia, geranium, & dusty miller are also repeat color each year. Not to mention roses!

I try to add a few perennials each year, so that one day my garden will be as full and lovely as the Getty. Though, as I said in the video, there is one place where my garden really outshines the Getty! My delphinium displays are breathtaking! Abundant tall spires of purple, I just love them in the morning sun. Or check out my previous blog about delphiniums at dusk.

And they are not even in full bloom yet! We're just getting started! So much joy in the garden!

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