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Delphiniums at Dusk

It's so serene in the garden at dusk. It's cooler, and so restful. It would be a perfect time to actually garden, except it's a little hard to see!

The delphinium is a tall stately flower that reblooms all spring and summer. I had one delphinium that even bloomed all the way into January this year! Despite its beauty, it is toxic to animals and humans if ingested - so I'll have to keep the granddaughters away this year!

The genus name Delphinium derives from the greek word delphínion which means "dolphin," a name used for some kind of Larkspur. The common name for the delphinium, is, in fact, Larkspur. Others say the plant got its name, delphinium, because of its dolphin-shaped flowers.

Whatever the case, I love it. In the morning, and in the afternoon, but especially at dusk.

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